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EEA Registration Certificate

An EEA Registration Certificate is a document issued to EEA nationals who are exercising Treaty rights in the United Kingdom and wish to prove their right of residence.  Similarly, the EEA family members of persons exercising Treaty rights may wish to apply for an EEA Registration Certificate.

If an EEA national is exercising Treaty rights in the UK then s/he may request that s/he is issued with a registration certificate as confirmation of his/her right of residence under EC law. The Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2006 applies and interprets the UK's obligations under the Free Movement of Persons Directive 2004/38/EC into domestic law. The right given to EEA nationals under these regulations is commonly known as free movement rights.


In order to qualify for an EEA Registration Certificate you will need to satisfy UK Visas & Immigration that:

  • You are a citizen of an EEA country;

  • You are exercising Treaty rights as a worker, self-employed person, self-sufficient person with comprehensive health insurance or student with comprehensive health insurance.

Under regulation 6 of the Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2006, a qualified person is an EEA national who is in the UK and exercising free movement rights in any of the following five categories:

  • job seekers

  • worker

  • self-employed person

  • self-sufficient person

  • student

Duration of Certificate:

There is no legal requirement to obtain an EEA Registration Certificate in order to live and work in the UK because the right of residence exists as a matter of European Union law. However, an EEA Registration Certificate acts as confirmation of your right of residence in the UK and this will make it easier to re-enter the UK, prove your right to work and obtain various services. An EEA Registration Certificate can also be used to support a family member’s application for an EEA Family Permit or EEA Residence Card.

Applications for EEA Registration Certificates must be supported by original valid ID and proof of exercise of Treaty rights. Applications can take up to 6 months to be processed, but it is possible to request the return of ID documents if required.

Applications can be made by post or online. In some circumstances you may be able to attend a same-day appointment.

Your EEA Registration Certificate will be valid for five years, after which you may be eligible to apply for a Document Certifying Permanent Residence in the UK.

If you wish to obtain advice or legal assistance in respect of your immigration matter, we offer an affordable and confidential consultation at a fixed fee with and experienced immigration lawyer where we can answer your questions and explain the processes that will apply. Your consultation fees will be set off against your instructions to the firm if you go on to instruct us.

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