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At KB Law Solicitors we believe that everyone should have access to affordable good quality housing, whether that be as a homeowner or tenant. We are a team of specialist lawyers who know the importance of good quality housing and preventing homelessness wherever possible.

Equally as a residential landlord it is important to consider the above issues and where possible, to prevent problems with tenants from arising. If problems do arise, we can assist in resolving the issues as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Whatever the size of your property portfolio, all residential landlords need legal advice at some stage.


At KB Law Solicitors, we specialise in representing residential landlords and tenants alike. We also advise and assist letting agents and their clients.


Private & Commercial Landlords


No residential landlord wants to go through the frustration and cost of evicting a tenant, but sometimes it seems the only route left. As a landlord, you may want to repossess your property for a number of reasons. It may be that the tenant is not paying their rent or not keeping the property in a good condition, or it may simply be that the tenancy agreement is coming to an end and you don’t want to renew.


Private landlords often attempt to deal with matters themselves in order to speed up the process or reduce costs. Unfortunately, this is a false economy as the penalties and ramifications of failing to comply, often greatly outstrip the initial savings which were made.


The myriad rules and regulations facing both private and commercial landlords means an experienced landlord and tenant lawyer is invaluable when dealing with your property. We provide a cost-effective service for:-


  • Ending Tenancies/Possession proceedings

  • Recovering unpaid rent/Payment for damage

  • Enforcement of covenants in leases

  • Service charge disputes/recovery

  • Recovery of rent arrears

  • Removal of squatters

  • Nuisance actions

  • Tenants who breach other material clauses of the Tenancy Agreement

  • Local Authority Regulation issues




The eviction process can be complicated and specific procedures must be followed. This is even more so since the Deregulation Act 2015 came into force, introducing yet further requirements which must be met.


These requirements include, but are not limited to ensuring


  • that the prescribed form of notice is used

  • that the notice is properly served

  • the deposit has been protected in one of the recognised schemes, within the relevant period, and that the prescribed information has been given to the tenant

  • the correct notice period is given depending on the notice which is used

  • any section 21 notice is not served within four months of the start of tenancy

  • any section 8 notice contains all the necessary facts to support whichever grounds are relied upon.


If any of these requirements are not met, your claim may be thrown out by the court. You will then have to start the whole process again, often at significant cost and delay.

We can help with:-





The increased popularity of buy-to-let mortgages over the past two decades has significantly increased the number of part time Landlords who are unaware or unsure of the rules, regulations and the implications of failing to comply with them.


Tenants therefore can require assistance for number of reasons ranging from disrepair to wrongful eviction.


We are able to assist tenants in dealing with the problems that arise in their rental situation and in many cases can avert court action or if the proceedings have already been issued against the tenant, we can assist in representing the tenants in such court actions.


We represent tenants on a wide range of issues which include the following:-


  • Providing advice if your landlord breaches your tenancy agreement

  • If the landlord notifies you of intending to evict you from the property and has given you notice to vacate.

  • Disputes over return of the deposit

  • Challenging claims to recover disputed rent arrears and alleged repair costs

  • Challenging possession/eviction proceedings

  • Seeking compensation for disrepair

  • Enforcement of covenants in leases

  • Service charge disputes/recovery

  • Nuisance actions

  • Unlawful evictions or obstruction to use of the property

  • Allegations of breach of terms of Tenancy

If you wish to obtain advice or legal assistance in respect of your Landlord & Tenant matter, we offer an affordable and confidential consultation at a fixed fee with and experienced Landlord & Tenant lawyer where we can answer your questions and explain the processes that will apply. 

For more information or to book an initial consultation, please contact us

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