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Parent of a Tier 4 Student Visa

The Parent of a Tier 4 Child Student visa is for non-EEA parents of children who are in the UK with valid leave and studying at an independent fee-paying day school under Tier 4 of the points-based system.


In order to qualify for a Parent of a Tier 4 Child Student visa, you will need to satisfy UK Visas & Immigration that:

  • You are the parent of a child under 12 years old;

  • Your child has valid leave to study at an institution with a Tier 4 Sponsor Licence;

  • You maintain a second home outside of the UK;

  • You do not intend to work or study while in the UK;

  • You can adequately maintain yourself without recourse to public funds;

  • You intend to leave the UK when your leave expires;

  • You are able to meet the cost of your return or onward journey.

Duration of Visa:

A parent can accompany their child up until the child turns 12 years old. When the youngest child turns aged 12, the parent would need to leave the UK.

Leave is usually granted for 6 or 12 months at a time and can be extended up until the child has reached age 12.

Only one parent is permitted to travel to the UK, even where multiple children are attending school. The other parent may be able to enter as a visitor for short visits or would need to make an application under a different category of the Immigration Rules.

Parent of a Tier 4 Child Student visa holders are not permitted to switch into any other immigration category from within the UK.

It is not possible to work or study while holding leave in this category.

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